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Reference herd sire information for stock that we have retained in our breeding program.

Wood Bridge Farm Chipotle 



DOB: 04/06/2014

Dam: CH Atwood Acres Dott

DD: Atwood Acres GR Winnie

DS: Atwood Acres FT Fidget

Sire: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind *DNA on File

SD: GCH AGS Bombahook Acres HSRD Demi Plie

SS: CH AGS Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S*B

Old Mountain Farm Pasang *B


*DNA on File


DOB: 02/28/2013

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Peris 2*M

Grand Sire: Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur

Grand Dam: Roundabout Persian Princess

Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B *DNA on File

Grand Sire: Dawnland Tabby's Maritimer ++B *DNA on File

Grand Dam: Deldale Fawn 2*M EEEV-91

Olson Acres Zoot Suit Riot +*B (Polled) 


*DNA on File


DOB: 3/5/2010

Dam: GCH Wood Bridge Too Fancy 1*M

DD: CH Woodbridge Farm Well Honeybun

DS: GCH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S*B

Sire: AGS Dragonfly L MR Irresistable +B

SD: Twincreeks AH Chiaroscuro

SS: Dragonfly TA Lancelot DU LAC

**Photo Credits to Tracy Darby



*DNA on file


DOB: 5/16/2017 

Dam: Dragonfly SOL Fantasia 2*M EEEE92 *DNA on File

2016 ADGA Reserve National Junior Champion!

DD: SG ARMCH Flat Rocks Here for the Party *D EEEV 90 *DNA on File

DS: Algedi Farm MH Solaris*B*S *DNA on File

Sire: Dragonfly IH Poseidon

SD: Promisedland Incredible Hunk*S+B

SS: SGCH Flat Rocks Charybdis *D 1*M AR VEVE 90

(2011 ADGA Nationals Best Udder of Breed)

The 2019 ADGA Spotlight Sale buckling, Dragonfly PS Atlantis was a repeat breeding of Zeus's dam and sire.




*DNA on file 

DOB: 4/18/17 

Extras: Blue Eyes 

Dam: CH The WMAF PM Maple

DD: Pine Shadows R Madonna

DS:TYNY Prince Jorja Punkin

Sire: CH Olson Acres WBR Wrath *B*S

SD: GCH Wood Bridge Too Fancy 1*M*D VEEE 90

SS: Wood Bridge Farm November Rain *B

In Loving Memory 

Wood Bridge Farm Paris


Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Xoleeta

DD: Wood Bridge Farm Viola Lolla

DS: GCH AGS Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S*B

Sire: Rosasharn BB Kentucky Warbler +*B

SD: Rosasharn TL Magnolia Warbler

SS: Rosasharn WT B-BO *DNA on File 

Paris will always hold a special place in our hearts!! She is missed dearly.

Wood Bridge Farm Trinket


*DNA on file

Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Boneeta

DD: CH Wood Bridge Farm Xoleeta

DS: NC Promisedland Palbo Abednego *B

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Caractacus

SD: CH Wood Bridge Farm Xoleeta

SS: Rosasharn BB Kentucky Warbler +*B

Trinket is  greatly missed as she has played a huge foundational role in our herd.

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