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Castle Rock New Age Legend 


*DNA on file 

DOB: 3/1/2022

Extras: Blue Eyes & Moonspots

Dam: Castle Rock New Moon

DD: Castle Rock Goodnight Moon 

DS: Castle Rock Snow Patrol 

Sire: Old Washoe Orange Pekoe

SD: Trilogy Ranch MH Jasmine 

SS: Harley Hillside Truckee River

Southern Grace UC Happy 


*DNA on file

DOB: 3/5/2022

Extras: Moonspots

Dam: Sinai Thunder B Still My Heart 

DD: SG Sinai Thunder O Tizrah 2*M 2*DAR

DS: Sinai Thunder T Be Mine *B*S

Sire: Southern Grace Up On Calvary

SD: CH/MCH Buffalo Clover Cabernet

SS: CH Buffalo Clover Huey Long *B

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