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If you see an animal that is not listed for sale that you are interested in please feel free to inquire or make an offer.

You can email me at or call / text 708-899-2164 for more information.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale


At Benedict Farms we are keeping a list of people interested in purchasing kids for 2024. We don't like to purchase kids sight unseen; therefore, we are passing that right onto you. If there is a particular breeding you have a strong desire for, make note of it when being placed on the waiting list. As kids are born, you will be notified. The animal will be pictured on the Benedict Farms website and Facebook. They will be offered for sale in order of original interest. At that time if you desire a particular doeling or buckling, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due before it passes to the next person in line. We will accept Zelle, Paypal (Send Friends & Family or Buyer covers fees) and Venmo for deposit. We believe it is in the best interest of the kids to be dam raised when possible. Nigerians are by nature excellent mothers; however, there are times that it is not possible when having quads and quints making bottle babies an option. Some people feel their goats must be bottle raised if they are to be friendly but that is not the case from our experience, as our herd has both and we have found the deciding factor to be how much time you spend with them. All dam raised kids should remain at our farm until weaning (target date given at time of purchase), and will be paid in full in cash at pick-up of your new addition. Checks will not be accepted at pick-up. If held up until 30 days you will occur a $5.00 a day board fee, at 31 days you will forfeit your deposit and the kid be re-offered for sale. No goats will leave the farm without being paid in full. All goats will have their health record, care sheet, and ADGA paperwork. If you require a health certificate or additional testing required for transport it will be the buyer's financial responsibility. We reserve the right to refuse a sale without explanation and deposit would be refunded. All animals will leave in good health, but because we can't control stress that may occur from animal's transportation, future environment, or management once they leave, we will not offer further guarantees or refunds. We are a closed herd. It is our desire that your goat experience is a success, never feel like you are alone as we are only an email, text, or phone call away. 

Prices range based on the goat selected including genetics, conformation, doe's mammary, milk production & show qualities. 

Kids Available 

None Available Until 2025 - Contact to be on the waiting list 

None Available - Contact to be on the waiting list 

Adults Available 

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