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Benedict Farms is a small breeding farm where we raise purebred registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Originally, we were a purebred Nubian farm for many years and switched into the Nigerians.

In 2023, Benedict Farms had some changes as Alesha & Matt got married, and Patti moved south.

Alesha & Matt now reside on the farm in Beecher, IL and Patti & Eric reside in Saunemin, IL.

The does were split between the two farms, and the bucks remain at the main farm in Beecher, IL.

Both herds remain under the same conditions and are closed herds utilizing the same bucks.  Goats available on the breeding schedule and for sale page may be mixed & matched between farms with pick up at whichever farm location is more convenient for the buyer.

All our breeding stock (does & bucks) are tested annually, and DNA is on file for most of the herd.

Check our for sale page for any animals currently available. You may contact us at or call/text 708-899-2164.

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